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The Origin Story

Soul Expressions Collection

It is the Story of it all.

From the depth of the soul and the secrets of life, the myths come true and show the path to the light.

In pain and in light, the balance is serving the cosmic delight.

It sparks us with life and piercing death, it freezes our senses and burns from delight.

Reflecting illusions and weaving delight, broadcasting to dogmas burns only inside.

The caves are the structures, the magic resides, with force of the water, it buries the lives.

The carpet of rootings waves softly across, the new sproutings promise for colour and love.

The stories will carry, the pain will reside, the tubes are unblocking and thoughts are at sparks.


Devils Throat Cave, Bulgaria
Sinemoretz, Bulgaria
Prohodna Cave, “God’s Eyes Cave”, Bulgaria

My Raw Soul

This incredible piece says more than words can describe with their sounds and curves but limited soulness. Please dive into the story with origins from your heart.

The Origin Story Painting from Soul Expressions Collection by Mira


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