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Tapestry of Life

Soul Expressions Collection

In a world of wonders and magic, we keep pushing to create more. It is amazing to step back and observe the lack of real creations rather fake and useless seem to be the fad.

Nature gives us all that it is, and we have created all that is for vain, all that feeds the ego.

The lost connections are the most important journey we all need to take, she said. Building memories and experiences with positive, open and constructive fabrics will ensure our future choices lead to incredible outcomes.

In such a way, only will our journey be worth it, be fruitful and spiritual.

Detaching from the fear of time will allow us to focus on our mindset. Starting at any time is always better than not starting at all.

Whilst even better, once you start, the clock’s hands stop moving, as you have already embarked on the journey.

36 x 48. MIX MEDIA

Tapestry of Life Painting from Soul Expressions Collection by Mira

Spark of Inspiration

By confidently following our paths, with love and appreciation for all living beings and all spiritual presence, we influence and change the energy of the world. Words and opinions are tools of the ego, quick, sharp, yet unpredictable on their own. The mouth moves quickly but doesn’t carry much.

It is the hearts, the gut, and the energy circles in the body that radiate the divine.

By focusing on less talking and more energy channelling, we will ensure the collective survival of our species as energy beings, not just talking.

Closing one’s mind or focusing on the material as a means of expression presses one’s spirit. It bounds it to a realm that is unnatural and controls only the immediate physicalities of our conditions.

Hence, a disconnect from our true purpose. It is then that low morals and ideals exploit greed, control and human eradication. Letting emotions wild, asking for help, and facing reality with our own eyes ensures our connection with all realms of the world.


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