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Seed- Cosmos To Follow

Soul Expressions Collection

Seed- Cosmos to Follow holds cosmic wisdom and human essence within.

A Seed is like a welcoming home in a larger, non-welcoming home. Just like my home, just like yours, always warm and embracing others with an open heart. 

When planting a Seed of change, we nourish it with love, acceptance, faith, empowerment, and support. Then many will follow, and the Cosmos, too. Words, emotions, thoughts, and actions are the nourishment. 

A Seed needs a lot of nourishment to grow, although it holds the entire Cosmos within. It carries the power of the Cosmos in a gentle and fragile casing. All Seeds share that. 

The Community has to start taking care of the Seed while the Seed grows, so It can continue growing, providing healing, flowing, and inspirational powers to the Community, which grows with it exponentially. 


Plant a Seed, surround it with a carrying Community and Cosmos will follow.

Seed cosmos to follow painting from soul Expressions Collection by Mira

We live in a world of experts, scientists, and singled-out icons of success, but no one thrives in isolation. If the symbiotic relationship between a Seed and Community is broken, one breaks too, and so does the Community and the Garden and Cosmos to follow. 

Acknowledging the nourishing powers of the Community helps many Seeds to grow, giving back and keeping the Garden vibrant and the Cosmos to follow.


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