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Nature’s Womb

Soul Expressions Collection

Nature’s Womb effortlessly pulled one of the softest feelings from my heart.

Inspired by the magic of nature in the enchanting hours of day and night, it speaks to the duality and nurturing magnificence of life. It allows the imagination to venture on the golden tiles of life and welcome and depart from concepts of creation we sometimes blindly and evolutionary follow.

Nature’s Womb speaks to us and the parts of the soul that connect with the magic of the world around us. It is a timeless snapshot of moments that pass and are yet to be lived, all gently outlined by the stardust surrounding us all.


Visual Representation of Nature’s Womb

Spark of Inspiration

The spark of inspiration for this painting came to me at 5 am at Pointe au Baril, witnessing the mist of the lake, the stardust reflection on the clouds and the magic of the cosmos reflected in my limited visual and sensual perception. I wanted to explode this beauty with all my love and softness.

Two months later, I witnessed my painting transforming before my eyes into another nature oasis in New Brunswick.


Coming Soon