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Intuition Compass

Soul Journeys Collection

The transitional period between Pieces and Aquarius is one of the most exciting times to swim into.

Intuition Compass is a marvellous apparatus to guide you on a spiritual and healing journey.

To activate it, you have to remove fear. This is where the skill is mastered later. The tools you need are time and experience, plus openness to the pain.

It is the only way.

Once you activate it, you can follow this apparatus to a path of choosing to your heart.

Only then will you blossom from fear into self-love and acceptance, with compassion for others and experiencing pain with awareness later to return to self-love and acceptance.


Pain is in Love. Love is in Forgiveness. Forgiveness is in Compassion. Compassion is in Pain.
When Birth and Death are the same.
Love is in Compassion. Forgiveness is in Pain. Compassion is in Love. Pain is in Forgiveness.
Restful and supported, cleansing and ascending.
Compassion is in Forgiveness. Forgiveness is in Love. Pain is in Compassion. Love is in Pain.
The freedom to be, want, to open up, confidence embrace.
Supporting wetlands and biodiverse areas in Ontario and Canada is of paramount importance for the survival of diverse wildlife, natural migrations of such and the sustainable environment we enjoy.

Art by the Pileated Woodpecker. Beak on wood. Priceless.


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