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Soul Expressions Collection

This painting was an emotional and inspiring piece to deliver from the bottom of my soul.

Our gender and social roles in a family are almost superficial to deeper emotional, ancestral and spiritual bonds that form the wisdom, pain and sweetness of communities, nations and the world.

While interacting with the art, it is recommended to break the norms of what you think you see and look for the wisdom of the elders, the symbols of abundance and the natural way of life.

The building blocks of our true selves are deeply rooted in our physical and spiritual existence, and the complexities form in a family unit reciprocally form the physical world we paint for ourselves.


Visual Representation of Family, Soul Expressions Collection

“Family” will give you back what you need

We weave our new family relations as parents and partners by models of behaviour. Within forgiveness lies the true understanding of pain and empowerment to appreciate and love yourself first.

I encourage you to look at the painting as a whole, as singular objects and lives, streams, as hidden meaning that only the heart and the invisible feel. Share with the painting any family wounds of yours, and the painting will give you back what you need.


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