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Soul Expressions Collection

You are included and loved by people that matter.

Time and expectations are endless, unborn and undying.

“One thing is true to say – the more deeply your mind grasps the fact that you cannot do anything in life, the more you must begin to surrender both to your smaller, genetic nature and your greater, galactic nature. In the end, only timelessness will tell.”

~ Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys

We are on display and display, we project and reflect, we hurt and hurt, by being or not. We know we are connected and melt in the pool. We look for the paths in the fluorescently lit ponds, yet miss the way home.


Photo: Stan Maslev (left to right, Viara, Mira)

Spark of Inspiration

A beautiful Summer day, on a deserted beach, blessed with incredible weather, softness in the air, good friends and endless piles of rocks for the children to toss endlessly.

A day of timelessness. A day when I challenged myself to appreciate, step further away and be gentle on myself.


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